ZOOseo is Joomla 3.0 compatible ZOOseo is ZOO 3.0 compatible ZOOseo is It's a Plugin Current version 3.3.3


Improve your ZOO SEO with a couple of clicks!

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With ZOOseo you can improve the ranking of your website based on ZOO with just a couple of clicks!
When you install (and enable) this plugin, your URLs will be magically improved, removing the unwanted parts of it, like the infamous /item and /category segments.

And that's not all! Tired of manually settings all the various metadata for each category and item? Would like to have a default content, and then improve it when necessary?
Just choose which elements should be included into your metadata and your done! Magic!

Still not convinced? You can even set the Open Graph Tags for you items! They will be displayed on the full page of the item, so when you share your items on the social networks, they will look awesome!
You can even choose which elements will be the title, description or anything else of your item!

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What it can do

  • Remove /item and /category from the url
  • Redirect old urls to the new ones
  • Automatic Metadata from elements
  • Automatic OG Tags from elements
  • ...

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