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Advanced Forms for YOOtheme Pro Builder

Build advanced forms with the power of the YOOtheme Pro Builder and the convenience of composable After Submit Actions.

Spam Protection

With several Anti Spam solutions available, submissions are protected against spambots by using advanced techniques to tell humans and bots apart.

Double Validation

The HTML 5 validation will prevent a wrong submission while the Server Side validation will validate the data before accepting the submission.

What is a Page Builder

The YOOtheme Pro page builder allows you to create layouts with an intuitive drag and drop interface and see its preview in real-time.
The Form Builder

Compose beautiful forms with the flexibility of the YOOtheme Pro Page Builder.

Form Area

There are no trade-offs, set a Section or a Column as a Form Area and compose advanced forms combining all elements available in the builder.

Multiple Forms

Set as many forms as required on the same page or even the same Section, each Form Area is independent in design and configuration.
Source Manager
An active Form Area is marked with an icon that both indicate it state as well offers a Quick Access to the form configuration.
Compose a form combining form elements of any type.
A dedicate section in the Builder for a growing list of form elements.

After Submit Actions

Set actions that will run consequently after a form has been successfully submitted.

Multiple Instances

Create as many action instances as needed with different configurations each.

Submission Data

Use placeholders to adapt the action configuration based on the Submitted Data.
Email Action


Sends an Email with a preset configuration.
Message Action


Show a Modal with a preset message.
Download Action


Triggers a Download of a preset file.
Redirect Action


Redirects the browser to a preset URL.
Data Action


Alters or adds to the submitted data
Validate Action


Validates the submitted data with custom rules
Save CSV Action

Save to CSV

Saves the Submission data to a CSV File.
Save To Database Action

Save to Database

Save data to a local or external Database table
Save To Google Sheet Action

Save to Google Sheet

Save data to Google Sheet
Airtable Action


Manage Airtable records
Mailchimp Action


Manage Mailchimp audience members
The Elements

A growing list of form elements covering most input and form-related needs.


The Input element renders standard HTML inputs with support for all basic types, Text, Number, Email, Date, Time, Week, Month, Password, Tel, and Url.

Note that some browsers might not support a certain type in which case it will default to the input type text.


The Textarea element renders a standard HTML textarea.


The Select element renders a standard HTML select.


The Upload element renders an upload field enhanced by UIkit.


The Checkbox element renders checkbox fields with enhanced validation and HTML text support.


The Radio element renders radio fields with enhanced validation and HTML text support.


The Range element renders a range field.


The Fieldset element renders a set of selected fields as a group.



The Form Button element renders the Submit and Reset form buttons.


The Hidden element renders a Hidden input used to submit information without user interaction. The data can be inputted manually or mapped to a YOOtheme Pro Dynamic Content.


A GDPR friendly field CAPTCHA alternative for blocking spam based on the Honeypot technique that requires no configurations or external services.


Renders a hCaptcha field, a captcha based solution that provides more reliable bot detection while being simple for humans to solve.


Renders a Google reCAPTCHA field v2 and v3, a free service that protects your site from spam and abuse. It uses advanced risk analysis techniques to tell humans and bots apart.