ZOOport is Joomla 3.0 compatible ZOOport is ZOO 3.0 compatible ZOOport is It's a Plugin Current version 3.3.7


Advanced ZOO export/import

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ZOOport is an advanced tool for export/importing your ZOO data with 2 main advantages; custom elements support and step by step.

The custom element support will allow you to import from a CSV source into any element, being that a ZOO, ZL or a custom one.

The Step by Step feature allows you to import large files, as big as you need, without memory or timeouts errors.

The JSON compatibility has been improved with a home made PHP JSON parser library allowing to overcome any current or future limitation.

With ZOOport the ZOO import/export limitations are over and you can start migrating your big data sites, today!

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What it can do

  • Process by steps
  • ZL Extensions full support
  • Custom elements CSV compatibility
  • ...

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