Events is Joomla 3.0 compatible Events is ZOO 3.0 compatible Events is ZOO Element inside Events is It's an App Current version 3.2.3


The first ZOO Events App

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Using the ZOOlanders Event app for ZOO allows you to have a complete events solution for Joomla - with the control of ZOO.

Using the ZOOlanders Event app for ZOO allows you to have the control of ZOO with a complete events solution for Joomla.

There are lots of calendar solutions available for Joomla! Until now there was none with the power of the ZOO. The ZOOlanders Events App for ZOO allows you to build a complete event management system using the familiar and powerful ZOO interface.

With the Events App you can not only list events on your site, you also get a nice looking calendar module that allows you to see events on particular dates. You can also manage galleries of images for your event and display them with WidgetKit using the ZOOlanders ImagePro element. You can display slideshows of any images - from venue pictures to event summaries. And because it also integrates our Google Maps Pro element you can easily include a map and directions to your events.

The best part is that not only will you have a powerful, great looking event system - it will be ZOO based so you can use all the power of ZOO and other ZOOlanders elements to completely control how your events system functions.

With Events App subscription you also get access to ZOOitem ProRelated Items Pro, Image Pro, Texts, Date Pro and Google Maps Pro Elements! Users having some of these elements, will get a discount and of course users with our All in One package get FREE access!

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What it can do

  • Calendar Module
  • Items list by Date
  • Event/Venue relations
  • WidgetKit Integration
  • ...

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