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Next Level Sources for YOOtheme Pro

Feed your YOOtheme Pro Builder layouts with data from local and external sources, such as Instagram, Google Sheet, Database, CSV and others.

What is a Source

A YOOtheme Pro content source allows you to load dynamic content into your layouts. Whenever that content changes, it will be automatically updated across your entire website.

The Source Manager

Manage source instances within the Sources
section inbuild in YOOtheme Pro.

Multiple Instances

Create as many sources instances as needed with different configurations each.

Natively Integrated

Every source instance becomes available as a native Dynamic Content source.
Source Manager
Manage existing source instances.
Create a New Source Instance
List of custom and core sources from which to create an instance.


Declare custom Sources in a Child Theme or a YOOtheme Pro custom module.

Thoughtful Integration

Using best practices to deliver a native integration relying on the framework API.