Essential Addons for
YOOtheme Pro

Thoughtfull addons that will become essential for your Joomla & WordPress YOOtheme Pro projects

compatible with YOOtheme Pro 2/3/4, Joomla 3/4 and WordPress 5/6

Form Builder

Compose beautifull forms with the power and flexibility of YOOtheme Pro Page Builder and After Submit Actions.



Save CSV


Next Level Dynamic Content Workflow

Explode YOOtheme Pro Builder Dynamic Content possibilities with Field Sources, Source Inheritance, Global Queries and more.

Essential Sources

Feed your YOOtheme Pro layouts with data from local and external sources, such as Instagram, Google Sheet, Database, CSV and others.
Google Sheet
Cloudflare Stream

Elements Dynamic Rendering Conditions

Compose conditions that will determine if a YOOtheme Pro Element should be rendered or not, with support for Dynamic Values and custom evaluation logic.

A Collection of +12k Icons

Expand YOOtheme Pro icon library with custom and 3rd party collections including Font Awesome, Bootstrap, Ionicons, Zondicons, and many others.

Multiple, Cross-Site Layouts & Elements Presets Libraries

Share your Builder Layouts & Elements Presets like never before by creating multiple & cross-site libraries from local or external storages.

Make your content sharable on social media.

Let users share your website content on their favorite social media network being that Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, or a custom preset network.

A free element that will boost your website social media engagement.

Create great-looking charts.

Set your data in the Chart element or map it with Dynamic Content and choose the type of chart among Line, Vertical Bar, Horizontal Bar, Radar, Pie, Doughnut, Polar Area, Bubble, or Scatter.

A free element based on Chart.js that will make your data fun to set and fun to watch.

Write your content the Markdown way.

Write your content with Markdown syntax or choose a file as source, and render it converted and cached. Markdown is a beautiful way to write content and is now one step closer to YOO.

A free element that will easy your content input, and porting content from other sources.

Thoughtfully crafted addons that will become an essential part of your YOOtheme Pro projects

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