Keep it simple and convenient, manage your products with ZOO and build around a complete eCommerce workflow with ZOOcart.

Main Features


Digital, Physical and Subscription products. Variations with price, quantity and element values overrides.


Manage Orders from the ZOOcart component. Allow users to reorder a previous order.


Manage multiple currencies with their formats, properties and conversion rates.


Manage tax classes and rules with VIES support. Apply filters based on Country, State, City and ZIP.

Shipping Rates

Support for shipping rates with price, weight and quantity range filters among others.

Guest Checkout

Allow a guest user to make a purchase without registration, keeping only an email as a contact.

UIkit based layouts

Frontend layours are UIkit 2 based and completely responsive.

Custom Email templates

Custom Email templates for the different order stages.

Discount Coupons

Manage discounts of percentage or fixed type, apply filters by date, hits, user groups and others.

Stock Management

Simple stock management within the item itself with the ZOOcart quantity element.

Modules and Plugins

Several payment and shipping plugins out of the box that integrate with external providers and a module to render a small cart anywhere.

Payment Plugins

Offline - PayPal - PayPal Pro - Stripe - 2CheckOut - Borgun - Pagonline

Shipping Plugins

Standard - USPS

Cart Module

A cart module with default and smallcart layouts

A convenient eCommerce solution for your ZOO projects



  • Access to ZOOcart
  • 6 months subscription
  • Support for 1 site


  • Access to ZOOcart
  • 1 year subscription
  • Support for 3 sites


  • Access to all ZOO products
  • 1 year subscription
  • Support for unlimited sites