ZOOmailing is Joomla 3.0 compatible ZOOmailing is ZOO 3.0 compatible ZOOmailing is It's a Plugin Current version 3.3.5


Deliver your content with AcyMailing

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ZOOmailing takes your Joomla ZOO app and AcyMailing and gives you the most powerful way to get your ZOO content to users by email.

To give you the best email integration with ZOO possible we have created a ZOO AcyMailing extension. AcyMailing provides one of the most powerful mailing solutions for Joomla. When combined with the power of ZOO (and a few ZOOlanders pro elements) you can create an amazing email contact or marketing solution for your web site.

ZOOmailing gives you the ability to manually insert content into any AcyMailing newsletter; however, you can also use the ZOOmailing integration with AcyMailing's campaign functionality (in their commercial versions) to completely automate the delivery of your ZOO content to your web site visitors, subscribers, or customers.

You can get started with just the ZOOmailing extension and the free AcyMailing package (and ZOO of course), and when you're ready to build your communications system to true power you can add other ZOOlanders elements (like Related Items Pro or Downloads Pro) and AcyMailing Enterprise for some serious marketing potential.

ZOOmailing is not compatible with AcyMailing 6

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What it can do

  • Set Newsletter content with ZOO
  • AcyMailing Tag system
  • Import on Preview or sending
  • Item, Categories, Tags filtering
  • ...

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