ZOOaksubs is Joomla 3.0 compatible ZOOaksubs is ZOO 3.0 compatible ZOOaksubs is ZOO Element inside ZOOaksubs is It's a Plugin Current version 3.0.8


Control your content with Akeeba Subscriptions

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ZOOaksubs ads the control of the Akeeba Subscriptions system to your Joomla ZOO app - at the element level.

Do you need to limit access to your ZOO content to only those who have paid a subscription? With ZOOaksubs you can integrate ZOO with the great Akeeba Subscriptions system from Akeeba Backup. You can control access to individual elements based on subscription levels - show a specific element (like a download element) only to those who have paid for the subscription. You can even limit what elements display on specific layouts based upon subscription status. And it works on all elements (not just ZOOlanders elements).

Want to see it in action? The entire ZOOlanders.com web site is built with it! All of our extensions are sold and downloaded through ZOOaksubs! Just so you know that we actually do use our own products.

Due to Akeeba Subscriptions being discontinued, ZOOaksubs has been deprecated. The latest version is provided for FREE only as archive and is compatible with Akeeba 3.x. NO SUPPORT IS PROVIDED FOR THIS PRODUCT.


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What it can do

  • Integrate with Akeeba Subscription
  • Save ZOO Items as AkSubs Levels
  • Hide/Show Elements based on Subsription
  • Overide settings on each Item
  • ...

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