Media Pro is Joomla 3.0 compatible Media Pro is ZOO 3.0 compatible Media Pro is ZOO Element inside Media Pro is It's a Plugin Current version 3.3.4

Media Pro

Your media, your rules

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Media Pro is based on the ZOO Media Element expanding it's features with repeatable instances, multiple players, playlist, custom layouts, Amazon/CloudFront integrations and much more!

Choose the Player that suits your project, JWPlayer, JPlayer, MediaElement or even add custom ones.

Integrate with Amazon CloudFront and get a low-price media streaming platform managed from your ZOO backend.

Show your media as individuals, as playlist or create your own layouts!

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What it can do

  • Repeatable Element
  • Dynamic source/upload paths
  • Optional default source
  • Select mode Files/Folders/Both
  • ...

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