Google Maps Pro is Joomla 3.0 compatible Google Maps Pro is ZOO 3.0 compatible Google Maps Pro is ZOO Element inside Google Maps Pro is It's a Plugin Current version 3.3.4

Google Maps Pro

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The ZOOlanders Google Maps Pro element takes map elements for ZOO to the next level!

With this element you can have precise control over every aspect of your map. Providing you with default zoom level, map size (width/height), and even the default center for the map will speed the entry of data into your ZOO app (very helpful when using end-user submission forms for locations).

This element is a powerful part of our ZOO Events App which makes a full Joomla ZOO-based events solution possible.

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What it can do

  • Easy location selection
  • Address and place name inputs
  • Easily create your own layouts
  • ...

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