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Play your music within ZOO!

Audio element icon

Playing audio files on your ZOO enabled Joomla site (or ZOO app) is now very simple!

You can easily add an audio player element to any position of your ZOO app layout. Just set the configuration and start sharing any type of audio files (music, spoken words, sounds -  anything you can record in an mp3, mp4, ogg, webm, wav, or flv file you can share).

The ZOOlanders Audio element for ZOO integrates with the powerful jPlayer JQuery plugin and even allows you to play audio files from online storage sources - stored in an Amazon S3 bucket (read only, uploading to S3 is not yet posible).

This product has been depricated in favour of Media Pro element that has it's features and more. If you already have an Audio suscription you have access to Media Pro for free.

What it can do

  • Select mode Files/Folders/Both
  • HTML5 support
  • Flash fallback
  • Dynamic source/upload paths
  • ...

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