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ZOOcart is our most advanced Extension developed to fullfill one of the most awaited ZOO...
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Date Pro

The ZOOlanders Date Pro element turns your Joomla ZOO app dates in to events.
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Download Pro

Now you can easily upload your files directly from your Joomla ZOO app's item edit page!
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Using the ZOOlanders Event app for ZOO allows you to have a complete events solution for Joomla -...
Google Maps Pro element icon

Google Maps Pro

The ZOOlanders Google Maps Pro element takes map elements for ZOO to the next level!
Image Pro element icon

Image Pro

Image Pro is a completely new way of creating dynamic and powerful image sets in Joomla ZOO apps...
Link Pro element icon

Link Pro

The Link Pro ZOO element turns links into more than just a place to click in your Joomla ZOO app.
Media Pro element icon

Media Pro

Media Pro is based on the ZOO Media Element expanding it's features with repeatable instances,...
Related Categories Pro element icon

Related Categories Pro

If you need to build a Joomla ZOO app with related categories that work cross-app, this...
Related Items Pro element icon

Related Items Pro

Related Items Pro adds cross-app relations, bi-direction relations, and more to your Joomla ZOO app.
Texts element icon


ZOOlanders Texts element adds the missing features you need for your Joomla ZOO app.
ZOOaccess element icon


ZOOaccess is a powerful extension to ZOO that allows you use the Joomla ACL to its fullest in...
ZOOadmin element icon


ZOOadmin is a component that aims to replace the outdated ZOO admin area. It's in early Alpha...
ZOOaksubs element icon


ZOOaksubs ads the control of the Akeeba Subscriptions system to your Joomla ZOO app - at the...
ZOOcompare element icon


ZOOcompare gives your users the ability to compare your Joomla ZOO app items site-by-side.
ZOOfilter element icon


Give your Joomla ZOO app users advanced searches and filtering based on any data that is an...
ZOOitem Pro element icon

ZOOitem Pro

Imagine a Module that will allow you to make an advanced Filter, set the correct Order, choose or...
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ZOOlanders is a free component that integrates our Framework and Extension Manager....
ZOOlingual element icon


ZOOlingual makes your Joomla ZOO app multi-lingual without adding additional complex language...
ZOOmailing element icon


ZOOmailing takes your Joomla ZOO app and AcyMailing and gives you the most powerful way to get...
ZOOorder element icon


ZOOorder allows you to sort your Joomla ZOO items based on any element of your item's type.
ZOOport element icon


ZOOport is an advanced tool for export/importing your ZOO data with 2 main advantages; custom...
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With ZOOseo you can improve the ranking of your website based on ZOO with just a couple of...
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This Extension will allow you to track and be aware of very useful ZOO actions. It will track...