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Joomla World Conference Review

The most awesome Joomla! event ever

Joomla World Conference Review

As you probably already know, the ZOOlanders team went to San Jose, California to attend the Joomla World Conference on 16th - 18th of November. We not only attended, but we also gave a talk on "The Power of ZOO"; the funny thing was the the entire YOOtheme crew was listening to the talk! Ok, enough bragging now :) It was an AWESOME event (as all the precedent Joomla events we've attended, like JAB11 and JAB12). Tons of great people to meet, very interesting keynotes and talks, and delicious food (and beer too).

We also had the privilege to meet the entire YOOtheme team, which was attending the JWC as a whole. It was great to be able to meet them again in person, and as always they were very friendly. It's always a pleasure to hang out and talk with all of them!

The 1st Joomla world conference was located in the Ebay Town Hall, a huge conference building in San Jose, California, in the headquarters of Ebay: it was an awesome location! Moreover we got the honor to listen to very good keynotes given by awesome speakers (Mozilla, Ebay, YellowPencil, Mysql, etc) and most of the Joomla! leadership team was there. If you ever get a chance to participate to the next world events, don't hesitate: it's a must! If you want to take a look at some of the photos of the JWC, go over at Google + and try to find a member of the ZOOlanders.com team!


During the JWC we have also released a new product, called "ZOOtools", for free! It's an awesome new FREE set of tools that will enhance the way you use ZOO every day. Check it out at https://www.zoolanders.com/extensions/zootools!